“Something the Lord Made” HBO Movie

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DVD cover, First surgery performed on baby Eileen, Vivien T. Thomas, Dr. Alfred Blalock, & Dr. Helen B. Taussig. Can I just say, this movie is amazing!  I have watched “Partners of the Heart“, documentary made on PBS, by American Frontier.  It was good, but this movie was an actual story/ movie made by HBO, and outstanding cast and it…

Powder Puff Derby Certificates

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I had a request to change some of the boy scout certificates from pinewood derby to “powder puff” derby.  Well I can’t just change the wording and not fluff the rest of certificate up – right??  So here are some certificates to use for a powder puff derby: Dropbox Files:  Download HERE * Derby Certificate…

Face Paint – Young Women Activity/ Skill

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It seems like the young women are asked to face paint for any upcoming carnival.  They love it, however many of the yw have never painted before.  This is a great skill for them to have for more then just serving for a ward activity. Download Files

Trek Stationary for Highland West & East Stake

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I made this stationary for my kids, when I had to write a letter to them.  Then I used it to write a letter to the kids in our trek family, then we used it to write “thank you” letters.  Thought I would share. Download File

Heart Camp – with Nick and Kelly Heart Fund

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This year was different.  Normally we go to Camp del Corazon on Catalina Island for heart camp.  The Nick and Kelly Heart fund pay for all the transportation for kids from AZ to the Island.  Amazing right?  This year they had their hosted their “Nick and Kelly Heart Camp” in Prescott, AZ.  Although he missed…

Formal Dances – part 1

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prom title

So my oldest son just attended his last formal dance. It’s been fun watching him – ask the girl, figure out: the Day Date, what to wear (yes, boys worry about what their going to wear) who’s driving, go by yourself or with friends?, where to eat etc. . . .

He has been lucky to have a lot of really GREAT friends. So there ends up being a lot of couples in his group. Sometimes, it can get tricky with a lot of people in one group.  Too many ideas, and not one person wanting to be the boss of the group for fear it would land them responsible for all the work. So here are a few things that I have learned over the few years with my kids – for both sides – Boy choice, Girl choice.

Asking to the Dance:

1) Doesn’t have to cost much or anything!! For an example . . . my son made a song and got his friends to help him ask his date. He found out where she was, and asked her. Now of course she danced – and there was never a good time, that she wasn’t in dance. We got permission for the owner to come in and surprise her.

2) Don’t ask too early – even if you want to get to the date of your choice.  I’ve seen too many times, kids ask a girl they like in February for Prom in April?  By April rolls around they no longer like each other and it made the date awkward for everyone in their group.

3) Don’t wait too long either – Don’t be afraid to ask the date of your choice.  If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

4) Manners – communicate details for formal dance.  especially if you’re a guy, don’t assume the details don’t matter.  One date my son’s group planned paint ball.  Dirty clothes will need to be changed afterwards if you don’t want them to ride in your car on the ride home.  Those details need to be presented to the date.  Girls worry how they look, they need to be prepared for extra hair, clothing change, make-up etc. . . It’s just how it is.  Parents of the date will want to know details if there ends up being clothing change situation – just to be upfront.  You never know who is uncomfortable with this.  Or who may have strong issues against guns – even if is paint ball.  Just be aware of possible problems.

5) Answer your date – if your date went to the effort to ask you in a fun & creative way, respond fun & creative.  Texting them back that “you’re in” is not enough.  A plate of donuts with a post-it note YES, shows the same detail in return.  Don’t take weeks to answer, especially if the date is more formal.  Arrangements are being made, and if it turns out they you are not going with them, they need ample time to ask another person. 

Can you say no??  As the mother of a girl – I want to say YES!  My daughter was asked by a boy who had a bad rep.  However, we gave him the benefit of doubt & she went.  He was disrespectful on the day date & dance.  He barely opened doors, had crude humor, talked with other girls, took off with the “Bros”,  spent a lot of time texting, got mad at her if she left to talk with her friends . . . and most of all was offended when it didn’t end with a kiss/ make-out.  His friends after the fact, said “she was rude because he $spent$ so much on her.”  Mama bear says – dinner does not pay for that kind of intimacy.  We found out someone else didn’t go, would have loved to have gone with her.  In hind sight – she should have felt OK saying No.  Even if it takes being honest with him.  If he has a rep for this kind of treatment – then what does he expect?

Waiting for a better offer?  Poor taste.  My son had a friend who asked a girl that had a long distance boyfriend.  They were pretty good friends.  She spent time texting him, he came into town, she was in a hurry to get dance over with to be with him.  The guy pays for everything – hmmmm, didn’t I just say paying for dinner doesn’t deserve intimacy??? YES – but you can show respect for their efforts by engaging in a conversation and enjoy the entire evening.  common courtesy.  So basically the message is talk to your date – have fun!

Welcome to my new site!

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Hello – I have finally moved this blog to my new official web-site – www.kreativenative.com.  I am so excited!  I have been wanting migrate all of my little projects into one space for a very long time . . . and it took a long time to make it happen.  But I did! . . . .I am so excited!!
Please be patient as I work through all the formatting necessary when trying to merge four blogs into one. So glad you’re here!

For all of those who have heard me talking about the project I have been involved with for my Dad’s Seventh Army Symphony Orchastra – come see all the fun projects and items I have created.


Audible App Review

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I have had to drive a lot this summer – to California, Utah, Nevada, from Tucson to Flagstaff – back and forth several times.  Summer Vacations, kids moving to BYU, EFY, Scout Camps – you name it!  One trip, I drove 3 days straight going back and forth.  How I stayed sane?  Book on Tape!  I listen to several books using the app Audiable.  I used to complain, I never had time to read a good book.  Here was my chance to catch up & listening is very enjoyable.  {Depending on the reader; some are very . . . yawn! However, some are AMAZING!}


  • It’s a part of Amazon, can use same login used for Amazon.
  • Audible is also “Whisper-Sync”.  If you have a Kindle or Kindle app, & you buy the book, you can toggle back and forth between reading or listening using the whisper-sync feature. Often *when buying the kindle version, whisper-sync audio is either free or only a few dollars more.  Which ends up being a lot cheaper then buying the audio book on audible.  That way you get both!
  • Web-site is well organized.  You can click on links for the author, genre, or the reader etc. . .You can play the sample.
  • When you sign up – you’ll receive free credits.
  • You get 1 free credit each month, with a membership.  I use my credits for the more expensive books.  1 credit will buy you a book.  Some books, (large ones) can cost over $20.
  • For the books that are under $5 – I’ll buy straight out.  Sometimes credits will go on sale, I’ll buy extra – it’s worth it.
  • Can download the book to your device, so you’re not having to listen to the book from online (vs. listening to a book through you-tube).  Also you’re not using data when it’s downloaded to your device.
  • Now – I believe I’m ok with this.  My teenage sons uses my apple ID for his iPhone.  So he uses the same app.  I figure we can share the same music, we can share the book through audible.  I love to listen to books I think he is interested in.  That way we have something in common.  Also, he is academically behind.  At least listening to the book, he is being exposed to great vocabulary and uplifting media.


  • You can’t buy the book through the app!  urgg!  This does bug me.  So if I’m going to road trip, I make sure I buy my book before on my desktop computer before I get on the road.
  • I need to figure out how to return a book that I started listening to but decided I didn’t like the reader.
  • I wish it had a rating system.  Some books seem like their youth oriented, but they seem to be a little more adult then I would have liked.  Because “hearing someone say the “F-word” vs. reading it is a lot different.  I just skip over content like that.  But if I’m listening to it out loud and the reader is getting emotional in the book because it calls for it – it sometimes that special word will echo through-out my house, and my kids will wondering what is going on. HA HA, it can be embarrassing.  Sometimes, I’ll use headphones.

Even got my hubby to listen with me on our last road trip! “Michael Vey”

Michael Vey ♥ this book, review post coming soon!

You’ve Done the Research, Collected the History, Now What?

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Enhanced Syllibus:

Download Link – sorry this has expired, was offered as part of presentation at Rootstock 2015

Please check back for video tutorials and hyperlinks

Riverton Family Search Saturday Seminar – Syllubus

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Class Syllabus  – Presentation Slides:
*Sorry, this link has expired – be looking for new calendar for new presentations


Roots Tech Family History Class

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Thank you everyone for attending my “Now What? “or “Family Reunion” Family History Class for Roots Tech. For those of you you came to this site (because of the syllabus). Click on the “Family History” tab above, to be redirected to the class presentation slides.  Or click HEREsorry this link has expired

You’ve done the Research, Collected the History, Now What?

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You’ve done the Research, Collected the History, Now What?

Friday @3:00pm – Ballroom B

Class Syllabus  – Presentation Slides:
*Sorry, this link has expired – be looking for new calendar for new presentations

* Some graphics used in presentation by talented artists:
Allison Kimball http://allisonkimball.com
**Jen Allyson Design House Digital
**Celeste Knight Design House Digital
**{Which I believe now they are located at http://pixelsandcompany.com}

Bringing Families Together through Family Reunions

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Bringing Families Together through Family Reunions
Saturday @10:30 am – Ballroom B

Class Syllabus  – Presentation Slides:
*Sorry, this link has expired – be looking for new calendar for new presentations

*I had several people come up to me and share with me several of their family reunion traditions, and fun things they did at their event.  I loved them!  I would love to hear more.  Please share with me your neat ideas that your family does at their reunions.

email at: andigooch1@me.com

* Some graphics used in presentation by talented artists:
Allison Kimball http://allisonkimball.com
**Jen Allyson Design House Digital
**Celeste Knight Design House Digital
**{Which I believe now they are located at http://pixelsandcompany.com}