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Amazing Race – Combined YM/YW Activity

Combined YM/YW Youth activity – Amazing Race.  We had the activity “on foot” through-out our neighborhood.  This was A LOT of fun – a chance for the kids to really let their hair down.  However, this game takes a lot of organization, if it’s to be successful – especially with a large group – such…

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Mormon “Play/ Game” Money

Our youth played “Cash Cab” one night – and we were trying to find play money for them to use.  For one, we have a large group, and we were starting to realize that it was going to cost a lot of money to make sure everyone had enough to play.  Plus, we know the…

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Trek Stationary for Highland West & East Stake

I made this stationary for my kids, when I had to write a letter to them.  Then I used it to write a letter to the kids in our trek family, then we used it to write “thank you” letters.  Thought I would share. Download File

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