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Family Home Evening – Spiritual Crocodiles

Most of our kids are teens now.  The cute little lessons really don’t cut it anymore.  Making sure our lessons aren’t boring yet purposeful & not too time consuming – can be hard. We have found some amazing talks online, that mean so much to us as parents.  They have a way of giving the…

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FHE Music

Our family loves music even though we are not the greatest at singing or knowing all the songs. A couple of years ago I was trying to improve singing time in FHE. I decided that I would buy everyone their own song book. It has been very special to everyone to have their own. I…

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You are Unique – FHE

Your talents are needed tooDon’t think just because you don’t play the piano or violin or aren’t a great public speaker that you have nothing to contribute to the Church. Your unique talents will permit you to touch lives in a completely unique way and reach people beyond the help of anyone but you. And…

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