Tech Tips

Audible App Review

I have had to drive a lot this summer – to California, Utah, Nevada, from Tucson to Flagstaff – back and forth several times.  Summer Vacations, kids moving to BYU, EFY, Scout Camps – you name it!  One trip, I drove 3 days straight going back and forth.  How I stayed sane?  Book on Tape!  I…

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Blogger Tips: Removing title in widget sidebar

— How To– remove the required title from blogger when inserting an image gadget or misc. item.   It’s such a pain when importing an image on the side bar, but have to have a title – when it’s not needed.  You can edit it through code, but that’s a lot of work, every time.  All…

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Camera Repair/ SD Memory Stick reovery

Soooo my SD stick became corrupted??? & my camera or computer would no longer read it.  Now, normally I would just re-format the card or erase card through “disk utility” (mac) & start over . . . . but I had images on the camera that I needed!!!!  Through”disk utility” I tried to repair the…

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