I want to say I’m not a new blogger – yet my blog really hasn’t been out there (techniqually). I have been blogging for a long time. I’m old school. I started with blogspot. I knew it wasn’t the most efficient way. I never wanted blogspot in my web-address. Back then, people charged a ton of money to “run” your web-site update every post. I loved blogspot because you could do it yourself, and most of all it was FREE! Over the years I have tried a lot of different platforms, & software – seen companies improve and fall off the radar. Software, Apps, online ventures that have come through for me – I’ll share why they’re great. I love technology. All my kids are tech savvy and I believe you can’t afford to not know technology.


I create a lot of projects. I can get pretty busy with those projects. Most of them I never take pictures of or have ever published. Often I’ll say, “why didn’t I take a picture of that?” When I do make something, I’ll make more then one – so I can either give it away as a gift, or {I’ll tell my self – “I’ll sell this on etsy”}. Often, by word of mouth it’s gone before I even got a chance to upload.

FYI - it’s a lot of work selling on ETSY. Time I don’t always have. Soooooo time – another reason I don’t always blog. There's a pattern here . . . I don’t have time. However, I finally pulled all my misc. blogspots, archived never published projects together, pending projects – put the most important features on this blog – so hopefully I will have more time having in one place. Plus my own children have been bugging me. “If you’re going to teach technology classes . . . the least you could do is have a web-site not a blogger.” I know – I just need time to make it happen. Well now or never.