Family Home Evening – Spiritual Crocodiles

Most of our kids are teens now.  The cute little lessons really don’t cut it anymore.  Making sure our lessons aren’t boring yet purposeful & not too time consuming – can be hard.

We have found some amazing talks online, that mean so much to us as parents.  They have a way of giving the message we desire, but so much better then we could ever! The thing that is so befitting, some of the talks are from 1970 – yet the message is still the same.  It makes it meaningful.

Soooo, new little topic to share is our FHE section, will be a few of our favorite talks that we turned into a FHE, activities that accompanied and why we felt it was so important.

Spiritual Crocodiles – Boyd K. Packer
April 1976 – General Conference

Full Talk & Video Here:

Seminary Video:

I have seen other FHE lessons on this talk, but a little more tailored for younger audience.  I just wanted my kids to hear the full conference.  My husband and I bore our testimonies of the importance of “Free Agency”.

Agency is making our own choices, we decide who we will listen too and follow.  They have the luxury of being a part of & having the knowledge of this great gospel.  We have a wonderful ward with amazing leaders.  They go to seminary.  Although not a perfect record of scripture study & FHE – we have it and they have been taught what is important.  Now it’s up to them to choose where they stand.  It’s their choice to follow – but more then that.  To know for themselves.

With social media today & the voices of the Lord — how cynical and indifferent this world has become, its ‘s easy not hear the “Spiritual warnings” that are meant for them if they are being casual with their testimonies.  Especially today. . .  especially today, the youth today are truly meant for these last days.  The world is so wicked.  However, I have seen first hand how some of the youth today – they know what’s right – they know!!  They act, they testify, they endure, they tolerate righteously.  They just need to be involved with things that keep them strong so they can work out their own salvation.

Our youngest son is still in elementary school.  The school mascot is “Gators” last year he learned out to draw and cut out alligators.  It was fun for him to share an activity afterwards teaching everyone how to draw and cut out a “Gator/ crocodile”.  We had people if they wanted write some personal things they feel is a topic to not be careless with – such as picking good friends, social media balance, personal scripture study.  It was funny to see everyone kinda start to cut out their own idea of fun – even though this was a kid activity – I know my teens still enjoy a cute craft every now and then.


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