Heart Photography {YW Activity} ♥

OK, It’s not really possible to teach a photography lesson in one hour.  You’ll be surprised how much YW today already know how to take pictures.  Grab anyone already in Photography in school or has a love for it – and have them help teach the class.

Regardless – it’s fun to get some fun tips – and have the girls walk around and take pictures of each other.  Fun Summer activity, since lighting is still good during Mutual hours.

{Also, once I had a handful of girls that could take pictures, I would always ask them to be “picture takers” at ward/stake activities.  Or I trusted them enough to hand over my camera and let them have at it!}

Hand outs of our Photography Class:
Dropbox Link:  HERE
Files Included:  8.5 x11 PDF File front& back of Hand-out & 5.5x 8.5 JPG of Check list (homework/ bucket list)

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