Genealogy Project

As we have been trying to update our Family Tree my husband and I had the opportunity to help host a family reunion (in 2011) on his side of family.  Our goal was to really get to know some ancestors.  It was a great excuse to get things printed and learn a lot more about those people from the past.  We researched back through and, and we were able to get a good working pedigree chart.  At the reunion, my husband (the cute one on the right – HA) and his brother dressed up and pretended to “attend” the reunion, and reenacted some stories from the past.  This canvas print is a work in progress, and only draft one.  We also, combined all of short stokes we had, through online and things emailed to us and put it in a book.  Later on we found there were several duplicates.  Which having some of the main family “leaders”. at the reunion, it was great for them to thumb through and help us edit the content that we have.  Also, they noticed stories not included.  We posted all our info on dropbox for the whole family to share.

{Also, how many times does your kids have to fill out a pedigree chart?  From Faith in God to Personal progress, to Duty to God? right?  It was about time to have it on print – so each time, you’re not having to pull out all the paper work to help them with their project.}

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