Daddy/Daughter “Rocket Launch” Activity

We had a a “Rocket” theme activity.  We bought rocket kits that each daddy/ daughter partner built and brought to launch together.  We did an all american BBQ for lunch.  Played relay games with a space theme, and took pictures.  They had fun with this “guy/ rocket” theme.  PDF printout of relay “Space” games, and supply list for rocket invites.  Hope to post pics from event – but I wasn’t the one who took pics – but the girls had a lot of fun.  Rocket invite out of PVC – sooooo easy!
p.s. PVC pipe was 1 inch width + cut 6 inches long.

*We printed these on red paper and rolled them up in the rocket

Dropbox Download:
*PDF supply list
*List of “space” relay games
*Copy of invite wording

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