Street Games – Jump Rope

Activity Day Jump Rope

We started activity off reading  “Jumping rope with Emma” – from the Nov. ’12 Friend.  It is a cute story about how easy it is to be friends with someone –  either not of our faith, or less active through common “activities” such as jump rope, in the story.

We made our own beaded plastic jump ropes.  It was so easy and fun.  The girls really enjoyed it.  We have played double dutch before in a combined activity & in the neighborhood; so we thought it would be fun to make their own jump ropes.  These are school grade jump ropes.  They could use any colors they wanted etc. . .

I looked really hard for a blog on how to make your own.  I could only find one that made them out of old markers – really cute!  (Mama’s little Muse) But I didn’t think I would find enough markers for our group – so I ordered a jump rope kit.  There only a few places that sell them as “DIY”.  This site seemed to be the most affordable – SSWW.  Plus since the girls are young – they didn’t use all the beads given for each kit – so can get a few more ropes out of the kits. (which we used for all the younger kids in neighborhood that wanted to join our activity!)

Mama’s Little Muse Jump Rope

Kit by SSWW

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