Conference Prep “Junk Journals”

Activity Days Activity:

We made “Junk Journals“.  If you don’t know what a junk journal – Google it!  They are seriously way cute!  It’s a great way to save little “this & that’s” in one place.  We put together some fun activity pages & games, downloaded from the friend & some original prints.

We used “vintage books” from thrift store – and bound them as the cover.  I used my “cinch” to bind the books together.  Book size dimensions are 5 x 7.25 (note height is longer then standard – for copy reasons.  Copy place adjusted some of my pages – and it didn’t look as good – it was kinda a bummer)  But this size fits a young ready size book – perfect.

Tip: on the books – some books were 7.5 tall, but much wider, I cut the book down to 5.5 anyway – as you can see on the winnie the pooh.

Also, if you didn’t know – on a hardback “Magic Tree House” books – when you take off the wrapper – it always has an adorable silhouette metallic stamp that represents the theme of the book – i.e. the unicorn book is #36: Blizzard of the Blue Moon.  However, I do not think they still do it – I looked at a book displayed at Barnes and Noble – and it had no stamp – so they’re only on older prints.

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