YW camp craft + Scripture Bookmarks

Vintage Scripture Bookmarks.  This was our camp craft for our ward certification day, last year.  We used the lady cameo to match our stake theme.  Pictured are other charms that could be used.  We used the same lady cameo for the logo on our ward shirt.  Our Stake theme was Find the Light, Be the Light, and Seek the Light – through Scriptures, Temple, and Strength of Youth.

SVG Logo of silhouette
PNG logo of silhouette
PDF file with supplies for bookmark

FYI; My sister used the same logo and used it for their YW in Excellance theme.  I loved how she incorperated the “vintage YW” theme.  God’s principles are the same yesterdaytoday, and tomorrow.  They used the silhouette for name cards for all the girls projects.

*  If you know .psd you can fill in black on silhouette to take off words.  I’m not in a position to change for you, or send you .psd file – sorry

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