Amazing Race – Combined YM/YW Activity

Combined YM/YW Youth activity – Amazing Race.  We had the activity “on foot” through-out our neighborhood.  This was A LOT of fun – a chance for the kids to really let their hair down.  However, this game takes a lot of organization, if it’s to be successful – especially with a large group – such as we had.  So I included most of the files we used – even though they pertained to our ward only – if you wanted to use as a template etc. . . Our Mia-Maid class was in charge of this activity.

There is some set up with this too.  Such as:
  • Mia Maid class presidency were in charge of coming up with station set-up, from getting the items for the stations to putting up signs at the host home & for the team line-up.
  • Families in the ward were contacted to host youth in their front yard.  Each family seemed to enjoy it – the whole family came out & sat in lawn chairs.  They were giving envelopes for the next station for each team.  The envelopes were given prior to the activity & labeled with the team name it w/their next assignment.
  • The first set of envelopes were not at a host family – they were taped on the wall at the end of the first race.
  • Optional – we taped the race descriptions/logos onto the envelopes to match the  TV game.
  • To pick teams for race – we had the team leader mark their team number on up to # of kids on team, as they showed up.  We asked they just mix it up, so teams seemed fair, and a chance for kids to get to know everyone etc. . .
  • Signs were stapled-guned to garden stakes, cheaply bought at Home Depot (can re-use)
  • We served pop-cycles for dessert.

– Station Descriptions
– Race Info – to leaders
– Neighborhood Map – for the team leader
– Team Rotation Info
– Signs – stations, teams, location change
– Logos

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