Mormon “Play/ Game” Money

Our youth played “Cash Cab” one night – and we were trying to find play money for them to use.  For one, we have a large group, and we were starting to realize that it was going to cost a lot of money to make sure everyone had enough to play.  Plus, we know the youth would probably not keep the money in good condition.  It was way cheaper to print on colored paper and cut & pass out – then buy the money.  Plus it was nice to have it personalized to our activity.  Print on different shades of green makes it even better.

Comes in 25, 50 100 full b/w sheet
Just print on colored paper
* only Gilbert Temple for now

Download $$ + MSword info file

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  1. Tammy Anderson Ward on September 25, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    I LOVE these so much!! We are going to use them as a general conference dollars. This coming week during their study time, they can earn these by studying about the apostles and their lives along with scripture reading time, prayers, being kind to others and going the extra mile… then during General Conference this coming weekend, we will have an auction of snacks, treats, bookmarks, stickers and other goodies from Deseret Book… even t-shirts and books for the teenagers… and they can “buy” them from our auction table!!

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