DIY Costume mask – Egyptian “Thoth”

Every year the 6th grade does an Egyptian Wax exhibit.  It’s really cool.  They’re assigned a character to be and they spend weeks understanding the unit – and drawing and painting museum sets.  They have parents, friends, and the whole school come through to view & listen to them, tell about their God, or icon.  Our Will was “Thoth”.  Ohhhkkkayyy . . . .they don’t sell this costume.  Nor the mask.  The masks I could find that were somewhat like this were very custom and VERY pricey – so we made our own.  I thought it turned out pretty good.  His teacher gave him a great grade for the quality and effort.  He was very happy with mask and costume etc. . . 

#1:  I took a pharaoh, actually it may have been a cleapatra costume and pulled it apart (I bought online – it was only glued together.)  I peeled off anything that looked girly – gems, eyelashes etc. . .  **Tip:  For glue that still sticks to felt – hair dry section for a few min to soften glue and wipe down.

 #2:  Sprayed a mardi gra mask gold, cut it in half & then sewed it to the pharaoh eye mask.  I had to make sure it cut it where I knew I could sew into the mask just right.  I did have to force the nose a little bit – because the mask was not flexible, but the nose was.  Once in place – it seemed really sturdy.  I used an upholstery needle & flexible quilting thread for strength.

#3:  Glued the pharaoh trim back on in the right place.  I did cut some black felt and glued it to the back of mask to hide the sew job etc. . . to make it look more polished.

#4:  Torn sheet for the tunic.  Used some pieces like the belt and stuff for the rest of costume.

#5:  We sprayed a wooden dowel black – and found a gold serpent that was like a pipe cleaner (halloween decor) & twisted it around the stick for his “Was” or rod. – sorry no up close pic – but you can kinda see in the single pic.

Walla!  Behold the power of THOTH!


What Thoth is supposed to look like – kinda,

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