New Scout Pinewood Derby Certificates

I had so many people ask for an editable version of my last pinewood Derby Certificates etc. . . I actually didn’t have it anymore on my computer.  So I made new ones.  Cub scouts are so fun!   Also, last time I made Black & White versions, and I realized – I don’t need too.  If anyone wants it in black and white just print it that way.   There are few versions – Brick or Diamond Key background for Certificates w/info,  or blank, Lanyards, Derby signs, and logo.   Best way to print on certificate, insert into ms word & use text box!  Look for my powderpuff versions. 

**Personal use only, not for resell or distribution other then from my blog, credit back to me is appreciated.


DOWNLOAD from my dropbox

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  1. Annie Cowley on September 25, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    Thank you! Bless you! These were exactly what I needed and so cute. I really appreciate your time and talents to provide these for cub scout leaders!

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