Disaster Movies – 72-hour kits

I watched the “day after” one time – I was totally motivated to get my 72-hour kits together. Other great disaster movies are as follows:

1.) Twister (1996): An ex-married couple battles an F-5 tornado!

2.) Deep Impact (1998): An asteroid is going to destroy the whole world!

3.) Independence Day (1996) : Lots of fireworks in the ultimate alien invasion movie!

4.) Dante’s Peak (1997): A dormant volcano explodes with all of Nature’s fury!

5.) Outbreak (1995): A monkey gets loose and spreads a deadly killer virus!

6.) Volcano (1997): Tommy Lee Jones stops the lava before it devastates everything in its path!

7.) Armageddon (1998): Bruce Willis and his roughnecks save the world from a deadly asteroid!

8.) The Poseidon Adventure (2005): Ship at sea turns over

9.) The Core (2003) – Hilary Swank must re-charge the earth

10.) The Day after Tomorrow (2005) – Dennis Quiad, Jake Gyllenhaal global warming turns earth’s weather to extreme extremities

13) I am Legend (2007) – Will Smith viral epidemic takes over

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